High School Charter School in Phoenix AZ

Our High School Charter School in Phoenix AZ is Rated Top High School in the U.S.

The COVID-19 pandemic shook up how the 2019-2020 school year ended for high school students. Regardless of how high schools handled the virus, the result is the same. Parents are looking for options for students – charter high schools where their children will be safe, not lose learning opportunities, and stay on track for graduation. We invite you to consider Jefferson Preparatory High School charter school in Phoenix, AZ. U.S. News & World Report has rated us a top-performing U.S. high school three years in a row!

“High School Charter Schools Near Me” Google Search

Jefferson Preparatory High School (JPHS) is located in north Phoenix. We are just north of the intersection of the 1-17 and 101 Loop, with easy on/off freeway access. The geographic parameters of your “high school charter schools near me” online search will most likely yield results for other high school charter schools in Phoenix, AZ. Choosing the right school for your high school student will make a big difference in their future success.

Not All High School Charter Schools in Phoenix AZ are Alike

Geography is essential for choosing your student’s high school, but shouldn’t be the only consideration. Parameters to consider for your student’s successful high school career should include:

  • Class Size – smaller class sizes create the opportunity for more personalized education, taking into account each student’s unique learning styles and abilities. At JPHS, our average teacher/student ratio is 1:13, ensuring individual attention for every student. 
  • Quality of Instruction – Our traditional approach to education creates a teacher-led classroom instead of a grouped learning approach. There is an emphasis on the teacher-student relationship for learning directly from the teacher, with personal accountability for student outcomes. Our curriculum is of high quality and research-proven. Our school is “A” rated by the Arizona Department of Education, with AZ Merit rating curriculum as “Highly Proficient” for ELA and Math, and “Exceeds” for Science.
  • Positive Environment and Relationships – Jefferson Preparatory High School charter school requires good citizenship, mutual respect, and personal responsibility. We take a no-tolerance approach to bullying. Students feel safe here. Our experienced teachers are committed to helping every student succeed. Here is what one parent said, 

We are going on our 7th year and 3rd child at Jefferson Prep. This school has been a great match for each of them. The smaller school size has granted them more opportunities to get involved, whether it is sports, theatre, or student government. Each of my children has left Jefferson having a principal, teacher, coach, or friend who has made an amazing impact on their lives. For that, we are very grateful.” Karri, Parent

It’s Phoenix, AZ High School Charter School Enrollment Time

We hope that as you search “high school charter schools near me” that you will consider the high-quality education that Jefferson Preparatory High School charter school offers. In addition to high-quality academics, we also offer sports, music, drama, foreign language, clubs, and AP courses. 

We invite you to check out Jefferson Preparatory High School. Our free, traditional high school provides a better choice for teenagers to excel in their high school academic years, leading to success in college. Download the Jefferson Preparatory High School info kit HERE, email us at info@jphschoice.org, call us at 602-595-2990, or learn more about JPHS HERE. We also invite you to take a tour – go HERE to schedule. 

Choice Academies Family of Schools

Jefferson Preparatory High School is part of the Choice Academies family of schools. Choice Academies schools are committed to providing a traditional, classical education within a framework of high standards and high expectations. Our schools offer students a safe, positive learning environment to build a strong foundation of knowledge, critical thinking, good citizenship, and leadership skills. You can learn more about the Choice Academies family of schools HERE, including Adams Traditional Beginnings, Adams Traditional Academy, and Jefferson Preparatory High School.

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