High School Charter Schools

Our Top Rated High School Charter School Supports Our Student’s Education

Jefferson Preparatory high school students learn to understand the importance of key features in their education and academic journey. Through a classical, hands-on, research-based learning approach, we help our students succeed for the future they want. Our classrooms recognize the importance of a student’s education and support students’ growth during their time at our high school charter school. At Jefferson Preparatory high school, students build a solid foundation to enhance their high school education into college and a career. 

Supporting Your High School Student During Their Academic Education

All students at JPHS are unique, and every single one has their own special talents and abilities. Parent support and involvement are vital to a student’s growth because who knows your child better than you. Jefferson Preparatory high school works closely with our parents to ensure each student’s needs are being met and exceeded for the benefit of their education. Our students can achieve the highest standards in their education alongside the support shown from parents and our high school charter school. 

Parents can follow these tips below to better help their student manage their school responsibilities and stress levels during their high school education – 

  • Parents can monitor their students’ stress by watching for any effects to their teen’s health, behavior, thoughts, or feelings.
  • Listen to your teen carefully and make them feel like their issues and concerns and valid and important.
  • Learn and model healthy stress management skills.
  • Support involvement in pro-social activities like sports and clubs.
  • Practice relaxation exercises with your teen, like deep breathing exercises, yoga, and stretching. 
  • Decrease negative self-talk and encourage your student to replace any negative talk with alternative neutral or positive thoughts. 
  • Learn practical coping skills to manage tasks better, take breaks between work time and break up big projects into smaller tasks. 

For more helpful tips and information for students and parents of Jefferson Preparatory, a high school charter school, please visit our blog HERE to learn more. 

Students Create Opportunities to Thrive at JPHS

If you live in or around the Deer Valley Unified School District, there are only six “A” rated high schools in the area, including Jefferson Preparatory High School. We believe that every high school student deserves a high-quality high school experience that equips them for college success. The good news is that JPHS meets all of the criteria that parents hope to find in their search for high-quality, high school charter schools in Phoenix. 

The proof of a Phoenix charter school’s quality is in the accomplishments of their students. Our students exceed the national average for high school graduation, college enrollment, and college graduation. The safe, positive, and inspiring learning environment and high-quality, classical education that our students enjoy creating the opportunity for each student to thrive. We invite you to take a tour of our campus and find out what makes JPHS so unique. You can schedule a tour HERE. To learn more about Jefferson Preparatory High School, download our free info kit HERE

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