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If you are searching for "charter schools near me" Choice Academies family of schools offers high-quality charter educations for K-12 grades.

A traditional education creates learners who ultimately become leaders.  Our future leaders need to be critical thinkers, good citizens, and equipped to navigate a complex world.  Join the mission! 


Charter Schools Near Me


Charter Schools Near Me


The Need
is Urgent

Never before has the education of Arizona children been at such risk. The state of Arizona ranks at the bottom of our nation in educational outcomes. Despite the large disparity in funding, charter schools are working to provide the solution.

Arizona tax law (ARS 43-1089.01) allows taxpayers a TAX CREDIT of up to $400 per household if they contribute to extracurricular activities in public schools. The $400 maximum state credit is available for taxpayers who are married and filing jointly. For single taxpayers or heads of household, the state tax credit is up to $200. This means that most taxpayers are eligible to assist a public school at no cost, since the entire amount of the donation is credited back in their Arizona state taxes. The Tax Credit also reduces your taxable income to the federal government, usually by 1/3 of your donation. It’s a win, win for all, so don’t delay – the deadline is April 15th. To participate, download an Jefferson Preparatory High School tax credit form. You may also pay electronically with a check or credit card through Edu-Trak payment system.

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Feel free to email or call our business department at 602-938-5517 ext. 104 to ask more questions about this program. We would be happy to share with you more details about how this program will benefit your children and our school.



eScrip offers one of the best vehicles for simple, year-round fundraising. eScrip streamlines the whole fundraising process and puts everyone – the organization, the kids, their parents, and the community – in the winner’s circle, and all you do is go grocery shopping!

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eScrip is proven to be a fantastic resource for fundraising where participating business partners contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards, credit card, and debit/ATM card purchases to the school, group or organization of your choice. Visit our family of merchants for a complete list of participants in the program.

Here’s How it Works:

  • You register any one or all of your existing grocery loyalty, debit and credit cards for use in the program.
  • Participating merchants will make contributions to your chosen group, based on purchases made by you, just by using the cards you have registered.
  • Your purchases are tracked and available to you online, allowing you to see just how much you are earning on your child’s behalf

Electronic Scrip Incorporated (ESI) is a California-based corporation dedicated to establishing relationships between commerce and community — to provide resources to organizations and projects that support children. ESI introduced the eScrip program in 1999 and has distributed over $250 million to schools and youth organizations across the country.

Charter Schools Near Me

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“How Can I Support Charter Schools Near Me?”

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