The Student Government listens to the students of Jefferson Preparatory; they are the Senate. The purpose of STUGO is to guide the members with their leadership skills, participating in a team, and the governing process. They also coordinate most student activities. They prepare and lead the assemblies, dances, fundraising projects, Dollars for Duds, monthly and seasonal events; and that is only the beginning.

Every STUGO member was voted into their position by their class.

Current members and their positions:

Erica Fink – Senior Class President

Yasvi Borquez – Senior Class Vice President

Jaide Agapay – Senior Class Secretary

Dylan Haifley – Senior Class Treasurer

Madison Scroggins – Junior Class President

Lily Finamore – Junior Class Vice President

Zhara Gould – Junior Class Secretary

Micah Witt – Sophomore Class President

Matthew Joseph – Sophomore Class Vice President

Mackenzie Wingert – Sophomore Class Senator

Alexander Kleckner – Sophomore Class Senator

Ryder Robison – Sophomore Class Secretary

Michail Eudaley – Freshman Class President

Christine Mills – Freshman Class Vice President

Christine Fink – Freshman Class Secretary

Dollars for Duds

Frequently STUGO will host “Dollar for Duds” day. Since the school has a uniform policy, this is a way to raise money for STUGO events that allow students and staff to pay a small fee to wear their personal clothing items to school! The dress code still applies when it comes to wearing appropriate clothing and length. 




$2 for shirt

$2 for pants

$3 for both



Click of the video to check out some JPHS students enjoying Dollars for Duds! ——->

Spirit Week

One of the exciting events that STUGO is in charge of putting on is Spirit Week! This year we had ‘Merica Monday where you could dress up as patriotic as possible, Teacher Tuesday, where students could dress up like their favorite teacher, Sports Wednesday as students wore their team jerseys and gear, Throwback Thursday where we had styles from 1920s-1990s, and last but not least Spirit Day on Friday where students dressed up in their JPHS school spirit. At the end of the week there was a High School Girls Volleyball Game.