School Governance

Jefferson Preparatory
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Jefferson Preparatory High School is a Choice Academies school and is governed by the Choice Academies Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of representatives of the business and school community. Its primary role is to assure that one of the best private high schools JPHS remains in compliance with our charter, state and federal regulations, sound fiduciary practices, and the school’s mission statement. The Board meets monthly following open meeting laws.

Board Members are:

Lisa Fink - President

Thomas McCauley - Secretary

Judd Lewis - Treasurer

Marcus Kelley - Member

Ray Malnar - Member

David Weston - Member

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JPPO is a non-profit organization that exists for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. The purpose of JPPO is to enhance and support the educational experience at Jefferson Preparatory, to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parent involvement, and to improve the environment at Jefferson Preparatory, best charter high school, through volunteer and financial support. We need three to four more parents involved in JPPO. If you would like to get involved please email Principal James Loewer at

JPPO Members are:

Nikki Eancheff - Chair/President

Rochelle Giesbrecht - Secretary

Marianne Mattes - Treasurer

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Jefferson Preparatory uses a Site Council comprised of parents, teachers, and a student representative to guide one of the best private high schools. The Site Council meets when needed.

Site Council Members are:

April Gould - Chair

Laura Flanders - Parent

Lacy Purcell - Parent

Raymond Mattes - Parent

Ambima Buzhyason - Staff Rep.

Marianne McKay-Cox - Staff Rep.

Linda Gill - Staff Rep.

Julie Yakimovich - Staff Rep.

Erica Fink - Student Rep. 

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