Sports Schedule Link

This is the link to the CAA website with all our sports information, including schedules, wins and losses, etc. Currently fall sports are available, the site will be updated as the fall sports end and winter sports begin.

For Volleyball at Adams campus:

Our HOME games are played at Adams Traditional Academy. (2323 W. Parkside Ln. Phoenix, AZ 85027) To get to the gym, you will take 23rd Ave. SOUTH until you approach a dead end, you then will turn right into the SOUTH parking lot. The gym will be your first building on the right hand side. There will be a gate on the EAST side of the gym for families to walk through. Once you walk through that gate, you will continue to walk North along the exterior of the gym. Once the gym comes to an end, turn left and walk WEST. You’ll enter through the LAST set of double doors on the left located on the NORTH side of the gym.

JV Start Time: 4:45pm (4:00pm is the earliest we are allowed to get into the gym.)
Varsity Start Time: 6:15pm
Adults: $4
Students: $2
Students w/ ID: $1
Kids 12 & Under: Free

Average Teacher Salary Increase Info

In accordance with A.R.S. §15-189.05, as added by Laws 2018, Ch. 285, §3, a school’s budget shall include the prominent display of the average salary of all teachers employed by the school for the budget and prior years, and the increase in the average salary of all teachers employed by the school for the budget year reported in dollars and percentage. For further information click here.