Galileo Assessments – Most Improved Growth

Galileo Assessments - Most Improved

Students at Jefferson Prep take the Galileo Assessments at the beginning and end of the semester. This test is a way for staff to measure how much growth students have had since the beginning of the semester. Below are students who had the most growth in each subject.


11th Grade English:

1. William G. with a growth of 192 points, which was the most growth out of any student in any subject this year. Congrats!

2. Max F. with a growth of 161 points.

12th Grade English:

1. Dylan H. with a growth of 95 points.

2. Renee F. with a growth of 82 points.


9th Grade Integrated Science:

1. Allison L. with a growth of 143 points.

2.Trinity K. with a growth of 134 points.


1. Jasmine M. with a growth of 168 points.

2. Jazz S. with a growth of 146 points.


1. William G. with a growth of 149 points.

2. Toby K. with a growth of 124 points.


Algebra I:

1. Michail E. with a growth of 73 points.

2. Abigail C. with a growth of 60 points.


1. Sydney C. with a growth of 131 points.

2. Makenzie W. with a growth of 126 points.

JPHS Winter Apparel

JPHS Winter Apparel

JPHS is now offering crew necks and sweatshirts along with school polos for the winter season. You have until November 7th to complete your order. All apparel is within the school’s uniform guidelines and can be worn during class.

Parent Update – October

Parent Update - October

Here is the Parent Update for the month of October. Parents were sent this update individually to their email as well. This month we talk about JPHS Volleyball, Spirit Week, and supporting JPHS through volunteering with JPPO or donating.

CDC Weighs in on Re-Opening Schools

CDC Weighs in on Re-Opening Schools

We know many of you are struggling with the decision on whether to send your child back to school or enrolling them in a distance learning program. It is not an easy decision, and there are a lot of opinions on the matter. That is why Choice Academies is providing options to our families. You can select either in-person or distance-learning. If you are interested in what the Center for Disease Control had to say in July, click the button below.

Transferring to JPHS as a Senior Just Got Easier!

Transferring to JPHS as a Senior Just Got Easier!

If you have a child who will be a senior this year, and you want an in-person option for your child – JPHS may be your best choice! We are located near l-17 and Pinnacle Peak. We have small class sizes and excellent teachers. We use a classical conservative curriculum designed to facilitate your child’s development. For this year, The Board has approved a “one-time exemption” to our graduation requirements in order to allow students at neighboring high schools to attend JPHS. Our requirements will be the same as Deer Valley Unified School District. We know many parents want an in-person option, this is our way to responding to the needs of our community. Please call 602-595-2990 ext. 322 for an enrollment packet and to schedule a tour. 

In-Person Instruction Available!

In-Person Instruction Available!

Jefferson Preparatory High School will be offering both an in-person learning and a live streaming option for students and families this year. We made this decision based on the response we have received from our parents on surveys sent out on July 17th and again on July 24th. By a margin of 3-1 our parents want an in-person option. And for our parents who want a distance learning option we are going to live stream our classes using Microsoft-Teams. Training on how to use Microsoft Teams will be provided to students who need it. 

Choice Academies Re-Opening Plan

Choice Academies Re-Opening Plan


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we prepare to reopen on Monday, August 17th. If you have not done so, please complete the reopening plan survey sent out Friday, July 24th. It is extremely helpful to use in our planning and staffing. School starts in a little more than three weeks. Currently, we are looking at a hybrid model of in-person and distance-learning. We are hopeful that we can stream our in-person lessons live for those who choose the distance learning option. We anticipate some hiccups in this process, but we are committed to making it work for your child. Thank you again for your understanding, and thank you for being our partners as we work through this together. 

JPHS Outside

Why Jefferson? Enroll Now!

JPHS Outside

Why Jefferson? Enroll Now!

We are a small school with small class sizes.

All of our classes have fewer than 20 students. Your child will not get lost in the crowd or be in a science class of 38 students that you frequently see in our neighboring high schools. We promote traditionally conservative values, personal responsibility, and high academics.

During your child’s four years at Jefferson, they will read over 30 classical pieces of literature in their English, History, and Life Skills classes. These readings are designed to expose your child to classical pieces as well as to inform them about the society they live in. You can check out to 20-21 approved readings below.