Variety Show

Variety Show

On Friday April 23rd, JPHS students and faculty put on a variety show! Students were encouraged to participate, whether it was playing an instrument, singing, dancing, acting, etc.! The students definitely showed up and shared their talents with family and friends.

Honor Roll List – First Semester

2020-21 First Semester Honor Roll: Teacher's & Principal's List

At last Friday’s Pep Assembly, JPHS Principal took time to recognize students who had made Honor Roll for the first semester. We had two Honor Roll awards. Teacher’s list, which was given to students that received a GPA between 3.5 and 3.74 and Principal’s list which was given to students who received a GPA between 3.75-4.0+ Congratulations to all of the students who received this award! Keep up the great work!

Teacher’s List 3.5-3.74 (Listed in no Particular Order)

Dylan H. – 3.55

Alfred E. – 3.71

Madison S. – 3.71

Farah J. – 3.56

Dylan D. – 3.61

Christine M. – 3.65

Faith P. – 3.55

Principal’s List 3.75-4.0+ (Listed in no Particular Order)

Hameed H. – 4.17

Erica F. – 4.38

Jonathan B. – 3.81

Yasvi B. – 3.76

Jaide A. – 3.90

Alexis R. – 4.12

Jaden P. – 4.33

Hannah L. – 4.52

Toby K. – 3.87

Trinity F. – 4.00

Lily F. – 3.92

Makenzie W. – 4.10

Chloe T. – 3.80

Ryder R. – 4.07

Aaliyah M. – 3.87

Alexander K. – 4.25

Matthew J. – 4.33

Harrison H. – 3.83

Christian E. – 4.08

Tejas S. – 4.00

Allison L. – 4.42

Nathaniel K. – 4.25

Christine F. – 4.28

Joshua F. – 4.08

Michail E. – 3.87

Abigail C. – 4.57

Analise B. – 3.88

Elizabeth F. – 4.05

Elizabeth G. 3.78

Sreeshanth K. 3.83

Galileo Assessments – Most Improved Growth

Galileo Assessments - Most Improved

Students at Jefferson Prep take the Galileo Assessments at the beginning and end of the semester. This test is a way for staff to measure how much growth students have had since the beginning of the semester. Below are students who had the most growth in each subject.


11th Grade English:

1. William G. with a growth of 192 points, which was the most growth out of any student in any subject this year. Congrats!

2. Max F. with a growth of 161 points.

12th Grade English:

1. Dylan H. with a growth of 95 points.

2. Renee F. with a growth of 82 points.


9th Grade Integrated Science:

1. Allison L. with a growth of 143 points.

2.Trinity K. with a growth of 134 points.


1. Jasmine M. with a growth of 168 points.

2. Jazz S. with a growth of 146 points.


1. William G. with a growth of 149 points.

2. Toby K. with a growth of 124 points.


Algebra I:

1. Michail E. with a growth of 73 points.

2. Abigail C. with a growth of 60 points.


1. Sydney C. with a growth of 131 points.

2. Makenzie W. with a growth of 126 points.

JPHS Basketball Fundraiser

JPHS Boys Basketball Fundraiser

Help support the JPHS Boys Basketball program by purchasing some JPHS apparel! The deadline to order is December 21st. Click the link below!

At checkout you will be prompted to enter in a player’s name – if a player sold you an item enter their name so they collect points toward incentives!


November Student of the Month

November Student of the Month

Congratulations to our November Student of the Month winners Jesse Borquez and Hannah Lewis!

Jesse was nominated by Dr. Martinez. Jesse is an outstanding student that comes prepared, willing, and eager to learn every single day. Mr. Martinez Gives him songs to perform and play and he works them out very quickly, accurately, and precisely. He continuously looks for more challenging songs to increase his musical knowledge and abilities. He volunteered to perform at the November assembly and did an amazing job. He is a model student and never ceases to impress. He is a pleasure to have in class and Mr. Martinez is looking forward to watching him progress as a musician.

Hannah Lewis was nominated by Mrs. Cox. Hannah conscientiously works to complete A-quality work in a timely manner, displays polite and cheerful disposition at all times, and volunteers to give her classmates helpful hints with their classwork. She puts forth her best effort in every endeavor she undertakes in Mrs. Cox’s English and Creative Writing classes.

Volleyball End of Season Award Ceremony

Volleyball End of Season Award Ceremony

On Tuesday, November 10th the JPHS Volleyball girls held their award ceremony to celebrate the end of the 2020-2021 Volleyball Season. Coach Fink handed out awards to each player commenting on what they all brought to the team this year.

Captains: Renee Farrar and Aaliyah Madison-Marshall

Best Defensive Player: Aaliyah Madison-Marshall

Most Improved Serves: Trinity Krossman and Jasmine Mattes

Most Coachable: Elizabeth Fisher

Most Hits: Elizabeth Giesbrecht

One Arm Bandit: Alina Alicajic

Best Sportsmanship: Christine Fink

Best Cheer Section On & Off the Court: Kae Farrar

Clutch Play of the Year: Christine Mills

Congrats ladies!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Students and staff were able to wear their Halloween costumes to school!

Student Winners

1. Christine and Mackenzie (Nightmare Before Christmas)

2. Michail (Eeyore)

3. Tristan (SWAT Team)

Staff Winners

We had a tie between Mr. Wilson (Bear), Mr. Van de Wille (Pirate), and Coach Ealy (Samurai Warrior)

JPHS Winter Apparel

JPHS Winter Apparel

JPHS is now offering crew necks and sweatshirts along with school polos for the winter season. You have until November 7th to complete your order. All apparel is within the school’s uniform guidelines and can be worn during class.