The Yearbook Club is charged with recording and publishing a chronicle of the school year by producing the Jefferson Prep yearbook. Yearbook activities begin in the fall with the election of the Executive Board Officers: Editor-in-Chief, Copy Editor, Design Editor, and a Photography Editor. Students in grades 9-12 who are interested in journalism, photography and/or graphic design are encouraged to take the class to be a member of the staff. Student Government is responsible for developing a yearbook theme, while the Yearbook/Journalism class will determine layout of the yearbook, photo content and composition, copy writing, setting up page design with the publishers online program, meeting strict deadlines, ad sales and marketing and distribution of the book. 

The journalism staff studies the prinicples required to produce a publication for print medi. The members of the staff learn investigative skills, responsible reporting, and journaloistic writing techniques as they research, conduct interviews, write, and design their own feature articles for the Jefferson Journal and the JPHS Yearbook. The members of this years journalism staff say they are learning management skills and the value of teamwork.


yearbook, 3D rendering, metal text on rust background

2020-21 Yearbook & Journalism Members

                                        Alfred Estephan

                                      Christian Estephan

                                         Atticus Helvig

                                         Alex Kleckner

                                 Aaliyah Madison-Marshal

                                           Jazz Singh

                                           Micah Witt

Monthly Newsletter

Each month the Yearbook & Journalism class puts together a school newsletter touching on popular topics, what is going on at the school, and information for students, staff, and parents. Below are this years monthly newsletters.