Sports Sponsorship

Sponsorship files for download:  Booster Club 2019 Sports Sponsorship

Hello, JPPO families!

We are EXCITED to kick off our SPORTS SPONSORSHIP opportunity for you to share with ALL you know! Please be brave (for the children!) and reach out to family, friends, and ANYONE you interact with who may be LOOKING for a way to SUPPORT OUR STUDENTS and Jefferson Prep while increasing advertising visibility for a business or brand!

We need AT LEAST $10,000 to outfit and equip our kids for sports AND to pay for facilities’ rental fees! We are ESPECIALLY LOOKING FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES for this project!  Ask your dentist, repair shop, insurance agent, restaurant – any neighboring business. Businesses are most likely to partner if they KNOW you and your family, especially if you have a student at Jefferson Prep!

Mrs. Mecham has AGREED TO HAVE HER HAIR DYED as a show of JP sports support! However – her price is $10,000 for that to happen! Oh, she’s a VERY good sport and will be sure to make it TONS of fun and VERY dramatic for all, we’re certain – QUITE the show! ��

Our sports sponsor program information is attached for you to share. The GOAL is DUE BY OCTOBER 4!  That gives us ONE MONTH! We need to keep this fast-moving to GET the sponsors, GET the banners created, and GET PROMOTING our sponsors!  If know of a business that is interested in more “community” building opportunities with our school, let’s talk or send us an email!

Full disclosure – 70% of all proceeds will go toward our sports programs – 30% will remain with JPPO to fund the MANY ways we support Jefferson Prep.

Thanks for your support and assistance with helping our student athletes excel, and sharing some JP SCHOOL PRIDE! 

Contact Kelly Arakaki at JPPO@jphschoice.org or cell 480-628-1034 with any questions!