JPHS – The best kept secret everyone needs to know about!

Thank you so much for all you do. You have made my daughter’s school life and world amazing this year.  We have seen our daughter come home every day, and I mean every day, excited to go back. You have no idea what that means to my husband and I with what she has went through the past 2-years.  What you have created at JPHS is nothing less than spectacular.  I cannot thank you enough for providing our daughter with self-confidence to be successful and making her feel good about herself to be able to focus at school to succeed academically.  As a parent you want your child to focus on their education but what we have found is if they do not connect socially at school they can struggle academically.  So know you are making a difference and are touching these young-adults lives with something they cannot get anywhere else!  JPHS IS the best kept secret everyone needs to know about!


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